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Apr 21, 2014
I have two female duck and one male. The female: one is a mallard and the other is a khaki. They both have been laying eggs for a while now but for the last week or two one of them stopped laying and don't know which one. Plus one lays a green color egg and the other one is white. We still get the green one every day but no white duck egg its been at least one week going on two. So my question is what would make the duck to stop laying and which one lays which egg we still can't figure out which one lays the green one or the white one.

I have look on line for info and how to check for any signs of an egg being stuck inside but and i don't feel any eggs in side. and i don't have the money to have an ex-ray to be done to see if there is anything else wrong.
Mallards are seasonal layers and will not lay near the number of eggs of a khaki. The mallard will probably start to molt soon.

Both of the ducks had been laying eggs since the end of feb. and the beginning of march and now there is only one laying for the last week going on two weeks. I just don't know whick one because i don't know which one lays the green egg or the white egg
A mallard will only lay about 20 eggs per clutch...there is a lot of individual variation so eggshell color is meaningless.

So after they lay a total of 20 eggs they stop for the year or season? I collect the eggs every day at the same time, so i should stop collection them until they stop laying?
They may take a break before renesting....but rarely will you get more than 40 eggs from a pure mallard...khakis will lay more like 200. Collecting eggs will not affect how many they lay.....but may inhibit them going broody.

thanks everyone on the info. But now i would like to find out if duck take turns laying eggs or something like that. The duck that was laying the green eggs stopped and the one that layed white eggs started its the other way around. Is there something i am missing or misunderstood. Can any one explain why the one that was laying stopped laying when the other one started to lay again.

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