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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by klf73, Aug 14, 2011.

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    We have some runners that are a couple months old, still have a little fuzz on them. I had separated areas of my property by brooders(my chicks) and as the chickens get older they get their area opened to free range and have the chance to mingle with the other brooders. My runners were just always in my front yard, mostly so I can watch them and didn't want them in the backyard really just in case they noticed the lake 100 ft away(neighbors would kill me [​IMG] ). Lately the runners have taken to doing "rounds". They go, sample the food and water then come back to theirs to chase off the poor birds from their food they already displaced from their own [​IMG] . The ones that are penned the ducks go over and as dh puts it "gives them a talking to" and seemingly walking away shaking their heads [​IMG] . He gets a kick out of these ducks and admitted he wishes he caved in a long time ago about having them. He calls them the " duck mafia" and they run this "neighborhood" [​IMG]
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    LOL .... I totally agree with your husband. My runners do the same type of thing. They will run off any bird and it doesn't matter how big or how small to check out what the other has. Scouts are also sent out and come running back with any new information they've learned. They seem to discuss everything. They even goose the geese! Once in a while a bird will run the runners off if they get to irritated. Funny as heck to watch. They look like little soldiers when they travel around the yard.
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    Quote:The runners won't let the others eat? That can't be good!
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    Quote:The runners won't let the others eat? That can't be good!

    well, they "sample" everyones food....there are plenty of food bowls everywhere, no one goes hungry [​IMG]
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    We have to be careful when people are walking their dogs by our house. Not because we are worried about the dogs but because we are worried for the dogs. Our Pekin chases the dogs away. Most dogs are afraid of him including my own. When the chickens are out he will even round them up back to the coop and guard them. Sadly, he is only one duck and a dog injured one chicken the past and killed another later. The owner is aware now and we don't have that problem anymore. Most dog owners love Donald and find him hilarious. As long as they stay on the other side of the road he won't leave our property. He is officially our guard duck.

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    Quote:They do, they do.

    Last night I was holding BeBe (white crested), checking her out. She is a week younger then the rest, so I like to make sure she is doing well.


    Well Bebe kept squacking, and my Welsh kept an eye on me to make sure BeBe was fine. I think she was asking BeBe if she needed to come over and help her. But I think BeBe told her to be patient and if I did not put her down soon then come to rescue her.


    As soon as I put BeBe down they ran over to each other just quacking into each other's face. I laughted at them! It was such a site, they had quite the conversation going on!!!
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    Quote:Lol.. i've been calling mine the "duck mafia" for years!.. glad to know I'm not the only one [​IMG]

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