Duck Moulting Time frame?


9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
I've been through my ducks moulting before, but I never really kept track of how long it took. One of my girls just started last week, and well of course her egg production stopped. I was a little disappointed because I hope to have eggs for Easter! I still have one laying every other day she hasn't started to show any signs of moulting yet, I was hoping she would start when the other girl finished, but I think she might start soon.

Any advice would be great! THANKS!
The normal moulting time for my Khaki Campbell is About a month to a month and a half, although the current moult she is having has been going on since October because she has had a lot of stress and grief and is still only half way through!

When she starts, give her lots of protein like hard boiled eggs as often as you can as these will help her finish quickly!
Ive never really taken too much notice as to an exact time for mine either-its either eggs in the nesting box or feathers everywhere in the yard.
but I have two that have just come back into lay after stopping in Mid January - so 6 weeks for my Runners which is around average from memory. She should be laying again by Easter, but it might be better not to count on it.

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