Duck nest boxes?


Jun 1, 2017
We have 9 ducks ( 5 Aylesbury, 2 Runner & 2 Campbells ) and they share a large house, 8ft x 6ft, so room to next is no issue, but they have started to lay all in one place, seems like they are sharing the nest and taking turns, but i have 2 issues.....

The first issue is that they are nesting right down to the floor in the house, its a wooden floor painted to waterproof it, so it is by no means comfy and soft

The other issue, which could well be the same one, is that there was a broken egg this morning and one with a crack, unsure if its been caused by the drop onto the floor, or by them taking turns to next there and trampling the eggs already in place

They have laid multiple eggs in the same place, and onto the same floor, for a couple of days with no issues, so i am not crying over a couple of broken eggs, but obviously dont want it to keep happening

I've read that ducks don't really like to nest in boxes, but i wondered if anyone does anything to section off a big house? has anyone put dividers in maybe? will they use them, or just then start nesting in the middle of the house and not in the divided sections?

Any suggestions or ideas welcome :)

Benevolent Barn

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Apr 22, 2017
If they are all consistently laying in the same area you can put two nest boxes in that same location. Then, you can put some fake eggs in there to make your ducks think other ducks layed in the nest box. There is no guarantee that it will work, but it is better than not trying. Best of luck, and enjoy your ducks!

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