duck nest smells horrible


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
So im new to owning ducks but i have 2 pekins 1 male 1 female earlier today I had went to give my ducks food and went into there hut and it smelled terrible my female has layed about 10 eegs. I didnt notice any eggs to have cracked but the hay was a little wet. I however didnt notice the terrible smell the day before. would it be bad to somehow clean the nest so it doesnt smell?
Sadly, you have a problem an egg has likely burst now most times ducks remove(self clean as you will) their rotten eggs but doesn't always happen, you will have to gently remove her and properly inspect the nest, remove any broken or cracked eggs.

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I have had to clean and rebuild two nests this year. There is no guarantee they will continue to sit, from what I have read here, but my ducks got back on the nests. I did as careful a job as I could to reconstruct the size and shape of the nest. But a burst egg smells ghastly.

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