Duck on Duck agggression


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
Ok the situation is this, i have a mixed flock, 2 black runners, 2 rouen (1 is a drake) and 2 pekin (1 is a drake). So the pekin has shown himself to be the dominant drake but he constantly acts aggressive towards all the other ducks. the worst of it is we believe he smothered one of the runner ducks. he has been forceful with mating before but since the runners never enter the water we didnt believe there any real danger of drowning, or in this case smothering. the rouen drake has never shown this level of aggression and is significantly smaller than the pekin drake (who is easily twice the size of the runner that was lost). Im pretty sure the need will be to cull out the pekin drake and keep only a one drake flock. Any thoughts or comments would be great.

Im in the same situation with two of my drake Khaki Campbels. Im having to rehome them (because I cant cull them) because they are acting violent towards the rest. I have seperated them now until I can find them a new home. Maybe you could try this if you dont want to cull him. Just a suggestion
I still havent decided what to do w/ the drake, when i say "cull" i only mean to remove from the flock not necessarily to slaughter. rehoming is still an option as far as im concerned.
I would worry about a Pekin with smaller ducks. I'm thinking there will be breeding injuries just because of the size difference. We have an all Pekin flock and if I wanted other - smaller - ducks I would pen them separately.
I had a Cayuga drake that was very aggressive towards my other ducks, he would chase them and grab them by their wings, and rip out their wing feathers, and my some of them would limp from him attacking them so much. I got rid of him very quckly after I realized how aggressive he was.

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