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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by crtrlovr, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Hi! Help me please! I went to a poultry farm today and saw several varieties of beautiful ducks, geese, guineas, and silkies. I'd love to have some ducks and maybe some bantam breed and/or small chickens; I have some standard heavies (chickens) now. She had call ducks, white mallards (smaller than I'd thought!), Pekins, fawn & white runners, Rouens, Lg./standard silver Appleyards, mini silver Appleyards, East Indies, at least one Mandarin (beautiful!!), Muscovies (nice, but not my fave), and some mutt types of the large size/standard sizes. I'd love to have some of the smaller ones (rationale being that smaller = more for the space available! [​IMG] and am leaning toward some calls, some white mallards, and a pair of the runners. What breeds are the most friendly, docile, non-flighty, and get along well with chickens? Any input here?
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    Out of the 3 that you listed, I'd say Calls are the best choice, although the chickens might pick on them if you keep them together. They're very docile though. I love Runners, too, but the ones I've known have been pretty flighty.
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    thanks for the response!
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    Calls can be very friendly. I can't help with getting along with chickens though. My chickens & guineas free range but my calls are locked up. They fly and it seems everything likes to eat them. I have a pair of Rouens that run with the chickens. They are pretty laid back and don't bother anyone.
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    I have one hen in with my ducklings. They do tolerate each other, but I wouldn't say that they get along.

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