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    Mar 15, 2014
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    My one month old Pekin Mallard cross is a little character. Her name is Popcorn and she has been spoiled since her hatch day. I ALWAYS know when she is mad at me because she runs away; when she isn't mad at me she lets me walk up to her and pick her up. She gets mad when I leave her in the pen for a while with the big ducks lol. Peas are nasty, but grape pieces are the best. She loves to cuddle and cries when she can't see me.:jumpy
    She is the only one to hatch out of 12. Popcorn is my little blessing. What are your ducks like?
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    Jun 10, 2014

    This guy is Geisha, 5 months old.He is a mixed breed, Mixed with what we think is a call duck. For the body structure. Crested of course.

    As a small duckling, we got him at 3 days old. He loved to cuddle during movie time. We spoiled him and our other one spats rotten. He loved his alone time because we sneaked him green pea's. He doesn't like being picked up much. However, when you do get him and pick him up he will likely fall asleep in your lap. Or soak up all the attention. The odd thing about Geisha is he will NOT poop on you. He will throw a fit for you to put him down so he can go poo and run away. Now if you keep holding onto him that's your own fault for getting poo'd on. He is very quiet, unless him and Spats are playing. Or he looses her somewhere. Then he will start quacking, he is very clumsy. When he goes swimming sometimes he gets so excited he shoots out of the pool runs flapping so fast he falls on his face. LOL
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    Awww Popcorn is so cute and what an adorable name!!

    I have four ducks and they all have different personalities!

    Sybil is a sweetie and loves cuddles and her partner in crime, Roy, is a cheeky chappy and is the 'top duck' and seems to be the one in charge!

    Hattie is really quiet and reserved and tends to stay away and relax in the pond and Percy is a little shy too but getting better.. he doesnt mind a cuddle once he has calmed down!
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    Wobbles is a little spitfire, and is as stubborn as a mule! But she's also extremely sweet and snuggly. She'll climb right up onto my lap or chest and hunker down for a nap with her head buried in my shoulder, or just to "preen" my face. She's also ludicrously clumsy, hence her name!

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