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Jun 22, 2015
I'm having a serious issue with a few foxes now, and am curious what others have done to protect their flock. I have a 5ft tall fence, but the openings are too large (found that out the hard way :( ) used as their daytime pasture so to speak. They are in a secure coop at night, inside a 10' x 10' dog kennel. The only thing I can think of is an electric fence, because after quite a bit of research, killing them or relocating them is only good for a short reprieve (and I don't want to kill them for being wild animals). Pics of your flocks quarters would be great too!
I have large duck yards for my ducks that are about 5 feet high (chicken wire sides) and enclosed with chicken wire or strong netting over the tops as well (that's for the birds of prey). There is wire going out from the bottom of the pens as well to slow down any diggers. Then I also have electric fence running around the whole thing. They have a very secure duck house they are locked into at night. I have not had a predator get any of my ducks so far. The electric fence is the savior for sure since I know the chicken wire is not really strong enough to protect them from all predators.

So, I would highly recommend the electric fence! And maybe putting at least some kind of netting over the top to protect from hawks, owls, etc. :)

Here is one of my smaller pens where you can see the electric fence wires around the outside:

There is a really low electric wire also that you can't see well in the pic, but that one is for mink or for anything that might attempt to start to dig into the pen. They would get immediately zapped. ;)
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Thanks Orca. Electrify the pen! Found some poultry netting and an energizer for less than $300, new. Along with the foxes, I'm worried about the bears waking in the spring time, hungry for an easy meal
The voltage of the fencing might not be enough to deter hungry bears.

I know my dogs aren't fond of ours and my DH forgot it was plugged in one night and zapped himself, sucks, but bear size wouldn't be put off by it. But we have wiring, not the poultry fencing, so unsure of what that voltage might be.
Im thinking of going with 3 strands of wore now, due to the cost of the netting. I can get a lot more bang for my buck with the poly wire. Its all about the power level. Im thinking .5 joules for 1300 feet of wire should do the trick
Wow yeah, not sure what you could do about bears. We just have foxes, badgers, mink, and hawks/owls to worry about here. Works well for all of those at least. :)
An electric fence should deter bears pretty well. Getting 'bit' by 8000 volts is a much different experience than being bit by your prey. Should scare the hell out of them at least, and send them packing to another poultry potluck in the neighborhood :)

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