Duck run is stinky!

I don't keep ducks (only chickens) but have this year, switched to using wood chips (not shavings) as my coop bedding and run ground covering and found it to be a good odor/mud/etc management method. You may need to run a rake across it every so often (chickens do well enough scratching it around, but I still run a leaf rake across it from time to time for peace of mind). No mud, no odor, no flies, etc.

Whenever I need to service the DLM in the coop, I simply move it into the run since it's the same material - or, if it's began to compost, I'll add it to a pile. Same with the run bedding - I'll sift the compost out of it and leave larger wood chips to continue the process.
We have 8 ducks. Our run is about 16' x 25'. We currently don't have anything in it, so it is all dirt (well lately mud)....except for around their pool we have patio pavers to try to keep the pool mess down.
You are going to want to get something in there besides just dirt. Are they in there 24/7?
A layer of sand and some pea gravel would help and then you could clean it by hosing it out every few days.
If just sand, you can rake/scoop some of the poops.

If you have a place to compost, you can try straw and just rake it up and replace as needed. Or even deep litter method the pen.

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