Duck Shakes, is this normal??


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I have two ducks, a Swedish and a Cayuga. The cayuga shakes a lot. It looks like he is shivering but only his legs. I thought he was cold until the other day when it was over 80 degrees.

He seems healthy, he eats like crazy and is growing really fast. Is this something going on? Is he just scared?
I've never seen this before...and you said it's not because of the cold. How old is the ducklings? They need to have the heat lamp for a few weeks.
He is over 4 weeks old and I had him under the light, though I did not notice the shaking then. The Swedish who is the same age does not do it, but maybe he is just a bit tougher????

I might just be paranoid, because he is healthy and growin in every other respect.
Are they getting enough niacin? Chick starter does not have enough niacin for ducks so you have to also give them some brewer's yeast sprinkled on their food.
i got mine (3 cayugas) when they were about 1-2 weeks and i never used a heat lamp. only a mason jar with hot water in it wrapped with a towel. i took that away at 3 weeks, they stayed inside until they were 4 weeks.then i put them outside. it's in the mid 80s here, i worry more about them getting too hot than too cold. mine have never shook like that before. i would think it has something to do with nerve disorder than being cold. ducks are pretty cold hardy. i would look into maybe a supplement as wifezilla suggested.

if they were outside and the temp was in the 80s then they are not too cold. plus the longer you keep them "warm" the longer it takes for them to feather out. he could just be scared.

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