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6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
I decided to be a stupid idiot and bought a duckling off a guy (while on vacation).

One duckling. The worst choice.

I'm only thirteen, and have been spending a lot of time on these forms and researching different duck raising strategies and have noticed almost all of them mention the fact that having two duckling is better than having one.

The problem is, the area I live in does not allow any type of farm animal, so I am breaking a couple laws keeping him with me. I do not know this ducks gender, but I refer to it as a he.

He lives in an 8 foot by 2 foot coop, about 3 feet high. Half the area is wood sided and has a wood floor, and the other half is chicken wire (floor and walls). The roof is wood. He also has a paint bucket as a pond, and is eating duck starter (which I purchased on vacation and am almost out of). He gets 1 apple sauce cup a day and 1/2 apple sauce cup a night, with lettuce at night.

I clean out his coop every morning around 7:00 AM and once in the afternoon, around 6:00. He is let out of his cage in the morning to roam the backyard (not like he actually does, he sits on my feet and sticks in my field of vision). In the afternoon (after 4:00 PM) he is let out for about two hours, one hour of backyard and one hour of indoor. He might also stay indoors with me as I am on my computer or am doing homework (he sleeps on my lap on a towel).

Ever since I have gotten him he has been basically my lap duck, and I am coming to find out it is not very good. He seems to have bonded with me (he follows me everywhere), and expects to be held and played with 24/7, which I can not handle.

My parents have said that there is no way I will be allowed to get a second duck, so I need help.

I am in need of a pattern for duck diapers, so that way he can spend more time indoors with us and most likely become a house duck, and I need good duck toys to keep him busy while I am at school. He is alone about 6 hours everyday on weekdays and I do not want him to become bored and hurt himself (his beak is becoming red and raw from chewing on the wire to get out.

Any help at all would be a blessing.

Thank you.

The first and third pictures are old, and the second picture is the newest. And help at all would be a blessing.
Thank you very much, I will get started on it right now!
Welcome to BYC. Your duck looks like a Muscovy, but I'm not sure. That would be a good thing because they are a quiet breed. Don't know much about duck toys except they sometimes like stuffed animals ether to snuggle with or shake around.
We think it is a Muscovy due to the curved beak, but we aren't positive either.

I'm going to give him a stuffed animal to snuggle with, it sounds like a good idea! I would be finished with his diaper if this stupid sewing machine would stop malfunctioning!
I finally just gave up on the machine and am now hand-sewing it. It seems so much faster and less frustrating!

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