duck tragedy.


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Jul 2, 2016
We had a duck tragedy, fox, coyote, domestic dog. I'm not sure, but 10 of my 14 girls have passed. 1 of them was sti

ll alive and walking when I fou d her but her injuries were to much. I brought her to the vet to see if they could help and it would be a long hard road and not gaurenteed to make it through, so we put her to sleep.

So here is what I don't know, do duck get depressed sad and die? I'm currently worried about my 4 that are alive and unharmed. What should I do with them. I went out changed water fresh food brought them spinach treats. I want them comfortable I don't want them to die because they lost so many sisters. They seem ok but I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can for the few surviving ducks.
one of my ducks was attacked by a friends dog but not hurt it took him about 2 days to start acting normal his two girl friends were not attacked but were traumatized after a few days they were fine. So i'm not an expert but i think given some time the four will be fine. Sorry for your loss i know the feeling those same three ducks were killed by dogs someone let out late at night.
If they are seeming fine, just check them over for wounds, but they will be fine.
Depending on where they were attacked, do what you can to secure the area from return attacks.

Sorry about your girls.
On only of my surviving 4 has a single puncture wound but she looks like she has already scabbed over and she is just going about her ducky buisness, swimming eating drinking just fine maybe a little sore but they all seem fine. My fiance comes home from military training in 2 weeks and we are building a bigger better coop for them, motion lights included.

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