Duck unbalanced, falling on back. Any ideas?


6 Years
Jul 3, 2013
I have a 5 year old call duck, Maddy, she's always been a bit twitchy and nervous looking (I bought her last year). There are certain 'things' she has always done such as twitch her wings and her tail.

She has started falling backwards onto her back, however she can flip herself back over quickly. She's isn't lethargic or weak, in fact she's pretty strong (still tries to bite me!). She can't preen herself so she looks a bit scatty!

I've taken her away from the other two ducks (who are completely fine) just in case it is something contagious.

Any ideas?

I'll try and get some videos of her so you guys can see what I mean!
It could be a few things.

Sounds like a nervous system issue - - - sometimes there is one lurking just beneath the surface, but stress will bring it on...for example, a systemic infection, a nutritional deficit (even when we feed them good quality food, some individual ducks just need more of some nutrients, especially B vitamins when they are young), extreme temperatures, anxiety (like a new animal in the environment, a predator nearby, loud noises, etc.).

So think about what has changed in her world. You might consider a vet visit (I would if possible), or at least have her stool checked for parasites or infection...

Is she laying?

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