Duck with a slightly crooked neck?


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May 14, 2012
Hey everyone, new here. I actually been 'lurking' the forums for quite awhile but just never created a name until now :p

So, I just went to town and got my 4 pekin duckings and 2 goslings. (Along with 25 chickens, whom seem to be extremely fine right now :))

Anywho, one of the ducklings has a slight crooked neck. The box they came in was a little small for the ducklings and goslings... so I am wondering, maybe the trip maybe tensed up his muscles in the neck a bit? I honestly have no clue what it could be, but I feel so sorry for the little guy! Everytime I walk in there he looks up at me and I feel so sorry :(

What should I do?

PS. He drinks, and eats just fine.

Its like us when we have a crank in our neck and need a massage to get it out! // Wish it were the same for that lil fella. (Its a pekin duckling)


EDIT - I found this thread -

Maybe that is the issue, and I will wait it out... (I bought some feed for them, so ill check back within a day or so.. )
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