Duck with injured wing


Apr 11, 2019
One of our ducks got spooked about 5 nights ago and ran out of their coop and hurt her wing on something. It was all bloody underneath and it’s really droopy. We checked underneath her wing and did not find a large wound. She has since kept it clean but she still has the droopy wing and she is constantly twitching it so I know it’s painful. Should we wrap it or is it to late? Any way to provide her some comfort?
She still isn’t using the bottom part of her wing. We looked at it yesterday and I can’t feel a definite break but it’s very bruised and swollen. Thinking I should maybe take her in. She is eating and socializing but it seems to still be painful.
If you have access to a vet I would. The longer you wait the worse it may get. Bones can heal if set correctly.
So took Daffodil to the vet today and she has 2 fractures in her wing and significant bruising and swelling. She is to be given oral meds twice a day and a shot of antibiotics once a day. Gracious, try giving a duck oral meds!

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