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    Notice the lack of S in the title.

    I know ducks and chickens can live together and share a space. My girls co-habitate a pen in the summer during our baby fox season and we have no issues.
    I have 4 ducks and 1 chicken. There are now 2 more 6 week old chicks sharing the chicken house and they have the pen during the day. Introductions are slow, but they seem to work that way, so we take our time.

    I do small numbers to brood (2 to 3 each time).
    I know they do best in 3+ but have had 2 work well a couple of times.

    The local feed store has no mins, I can buy 1 or I can buy 100 or their entire stock.
    I don't want a lot of birds.

    Has any body had any experience raising one chick and one duckling together? Then integrating them into an existing flock of ducks and chickens?
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    You could end up with both confused at what species they are, they really should have at least one of each species to bond with for their mental well being.

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