Duckling born (I think) with leg problems, not sure what to do :(


10 Years
Dec 21, 2009
My scovie has hatched out fourteen little ducklings, and as they were drinking and playing in the water for the first time I noticed one that was literally 'army crawling' along the ground to catch up to the others, and when he was knocked over onto his back, couldn't get back up.
I picked him up and checked him out and atleast one of his legs isn't really working, and seems to be smaller aswell as a bit curled up. its also sort of hanging behind him when he tries to go places...and he was shaking alot - but once I'd put him in the brooder with a couple of others it stopped.

He's eating and drinking fine and overall looks healthy. I'm pretty sure he was born with it because he's not in pain...will it get stronger with time? Or is it a deformity? I've never ever had something like this before, all my ducklings have been fine
He seems pretty happy and has eaten and drunk water when I've placed him near it. He's getting a little trampled by the other three he's with but doesn't seem to mind

I've been trying to look at him and judge how bad his leg is, but not really having much luck
Sounds like one I hatch last year- it had a problem with the hip. But it could also be a problem with the hock. The fact that its curled up makes my think the hock- but if he is dragging the leg behind him it makes me think hip. Any chance of a photo??? You can check the hip and hock for full range of movement to rule out either or both. It will give him a better chance to keep him in the brooder rather than out with mum- it may even be an injury he sustained and may heal so he can work normally again in a few days or so. Sometimes they can hatch with a curled foot and because they cant walk they tend to drag the leg behind- taping the foot so the webbing is held flay in place can often be enough to get them walking properly if thats all the problem is.
I'll get a photo early tomorrow morning and post it up, once the camera is all charged - I had another look at him, he seems to be hobbling awkwardly along to move but cant stand up properly, kinda like a limp. I flexed his foot, he could completely move it, and when he sits down it still sticks out and when he moves sometimes it just drags

I was leaning towards more the hip side of things. He just looks really unbalanced, but I think he is better than what he was before
When I took him away earlier he was extremely tired and weak but since being in the brooder he's managed to become heaps more lively

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