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    I finnally hatched a duckling and its a cayuga from one of my ducks......well the mother doesnt want it...and so i took it and incubated it.well it hatched today and is all wet but its dry now but isnt fluffy..its moving around alot and cant get up it hatched at 12:00 and its 9:45 doesnt look good rigt now.....but i hope it survives.also if it does (dont know if its a female or male)what are some names for it?any advive is good!thnx
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    no one?plz
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    Jul 7, 2011
    Keep your baby warm - close to incubator temps - until it fully dries out and is up and moving. It's normal for ducklings to be very weak and floppy for a day or so, so don't panic. It doesn't need food or water for a couple of days, but once it is under control of itself, then give it food and water. I had one newly hatched that fell into the water in the waterer and almost drown. I dried it off and put it back in the incubator for another 8 hours, then it was fine. They can stay in the incubator for a day after hatching, at least until they are strong on their feet.
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