Duckling HELP!


10 Years
May 18, 2009
South-Eastern Michigan, USA
4 little calls hatched today! =]

2 are doing amazing and are full of life, but the other two are sleeping a lot and just less active. I turned them over and saw that their cords were still attached to them and their bellies are still round. What do I do???
I've only been doing this for a couple of weeks now but two of my calls had the same thing and i let them sleep and i gave them sugar water with a seringe (i think thats how you spell it). I was told one regular size glass of water and add one teaspoon sugar and mix. Give it to them warmed up. I'm not a professional i just did what someone else told me and it helped so i'm passing it on to you. Good luck and happy healthy calls. Angie. Oh and i just put some pics of my newest hatch on here it's a couple above your post, check them out. They were a surprize to me, the colour i mean.

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