Duckling Identification


Mar 7, 2018
Hey guys,

My roommate got 6 ducklings today from Tractor Supply. Anyone have any ideas on what they could be? I'e included some pictures.
This one is my favorite. It has greyish feathers, a black beak, black eyes, and black feet. I'd love to know what kind of duck he/she is, and how to tell if it's a he or a she.
Welcome! :welcome They are adorable. :love
I believe Tractor Supply gets their ducklings from Metzer Farms. If so, they could be several different breeds but I am guessing the one in question (and possibly several others) are golden 300 hybrid, males. Golden 300 hybrids are one of the few that can be sexed by color as babies. The males are shades of black, the girls shades of brown. Here is a link: 300 Hybrid Layer&image=Golden300Baby They could be several other types as well so look also at Khaki Campbells, Runners, Cayuga, etc.. Because Metzer Farms sells sexed ducklings and people prefer to purchase females, it would seem you are more likely to get males from the mixed bin at Tractor Supply. You wont really know until they get bigger. If this turns out to be the case you could be in for trouble in the future as males are really rough on the females.

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