Duckling injury question


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Nov 1, 2017
I had my 4 week old khaki ducklings outside enjoying the weather yesterday. When I was carrying them inside, one managed to get loose and fall in the garage on the concrete floor. I immediately picked her up and looked her over and she seemed fine. I then had her walk around to be sure everything was working (i.e. her legs). Now today, she is limping horribly but she doesn' appear in pain and seems happy. What can I do? I feel horrible
How is she looking today? Maybe she’s just bruised? That would be my guess if there’s no obvious signs of a break, but I’m no expert. Best wishes for a full recovery!!!:hugs
Thankfully she is much better! She has a slight limp but has ran to the food dish without a problem . Trying to keep her confined to rest it has been helpful. I think she will make a full recovery

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