Duckling just hatched!


Apr 6, 2010
Wake County, NC
Our first runner just hatched. it is flinging itself around the incubator and I am afraid it is going to hurt itself. Should I quickly get it out and put itunder a lamp? time to search....just panic.
OK...I am calming down a bit.
The little critter is trying to walk and hold up its head, and it has a lot of power but no coordination yet. I'm sure that's normal, but he was knocking the other eggs around and banging his head, so I am a little worried.
he will be finee! let him fluff a little bit and then you can take him out! i like to leave hatched babies inside to scream for the others to start coming out! Lol i wanna see some pictures
Thanks so much! I think that because I have been so extremely careful with the eggs when turning and candling them that it was startling when he started staggering all over the incubator and rolling the eggs everywhere. It was pretty funny now that I know it is ok. He's resting now and my daughter just informed me that he can scratch his neck with his feet.
Rolling the other eggs around could be a problem. I use cut up sponges between my eggs as buffers so the newly hatched ducklings don't break them. You could take the little one out and put him in a warm brooder and maybe quickly lay down some strips of cloth or something to protect the eggs from the next hatcher. I don't like the idea of keeping the bater open that long but I know I've lost ducklings because the eggs were broken like that.
Some people have the eggs laying sideways on egg cartons, but that prevents the duckling moving its own egg. It can be scary seeing the eggs roll all over, but reality is that it is rare that they crack other eggs. Also if that happens it is not a big deal since they are close to hatching anyway.
Well, he is out and imprinted on my daughter already! She puts him in the brooder, and he throws a duckfit looking for her. He is sitting on her lap while she updates her duckling blog on her laptop. I put the other eggs in cupcake papers, and he did settle down eventually. His/her name is Uno. The next one to hatch will be Quackie Chan. I will figure out how to post pictures. I have some on Facebook; maybe I can link them.

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