Duckling laying on back?


Jul 14, 2018
Hey all! I just got two brand new ducklings yesterday and this morning when my boyfriend came down to check on them our little buff duck was lying on her back with her legs sprawled under the heat lamp. When he spoke she jump up and zoomed away. I've seen her walking just fine this morning (zooming around really), eating and drink, and seems to be in general good health. This is our 4th round of ducklings and I've never seen a duckling lay on it's back like that. She has niacin (brewer's yeast) mixed in with her 20% non medicated crumble, and save a chick electrolytes in her water. They're about 4 days old (hatched on monday the 15). Anyone else experience this? Is it normal? Why was she doing it?
Also pictures, because they're so stinking cute! The other one is a Black Swedish.
Can't wait until spring when we will have some more duckies. They are so cuuute!
Maybe your buffy duck just had cold feet? ;)
When my runners were young, they sometimes toppled over while stretching and just lay on their backs for some time before rolling sideways to get back up. I thought thats a sign of a very relaxed duckling.

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