Duckling newbie -how to feed/water momma duck and keep her babies out?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lceh, May 2, 2011.

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    My Buff/Runner cross Violet is in the process of hatching her first ducklings after being an excellent broody. She has 6 eggs and so far has hatched 2. I'm trying to get everything set up for the babies so all's ready when she lets them off the nest. I have two 4 oz. jelly jars with water and an egg carton filled with unmedicated chick starter set near the nest (or as near as I can reach without Violet getting mad), and I'm off to get brewer's yeast to sprinkle on it later today. Here's my question -- how do I provide food and water for Violet in a way the ducklings can't access? She eats pelleted feed, and I'm not sure how to give her water deep enough to clean her face without risking ducklings drowning in it. If someone could share their duckling-and-broody-momma setup I'd appreciate it.

    Also, they are in a shed right now, but the door to the pen's open and I've retrofitted the ramp to make it duckling-friendly (added sides so they can't fall off and raised treads for traction). I've been keeping Violet's feed and water outside in the pen to encourage her to take a break from her broodiness, but now how can she get off to eat without the ducklings following her outside? Is it okay if they go outside with their momma? Or should I somehow bring her feed and water into the shed and lock her in with them? Any advice for this newbie would be appreciated!
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    I have the same quetions as you. I have two broody ducks and another laying a clutch. I will be keeping an eye out to see what people say.
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    It's very much okay for Violets ducklings to follow her outside, she'll warm them if they get cold just like a mama chicken does, just make sure there isn't any water that they can get into and not get out. heres one way I found in the archives.....
    i just use a shallow plastic food container with lid. I cut a corner off the lid so they only have enough room to put their face in when drinking. and keep the food far enough away that they don't dribble water into it.
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    I use a water fountain - it's safe for ducklings and I'd use a suspended feeder from the ceiling if you want to keep the adult duck feed away from the ducklings. It will be low enough for the mom, but too high for the ducklings.

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