Duckling not absorbing blood and foaming at the mouth

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Oct 5, 2020
Hey guys, so my ducklings started hatching last night. Two hatched entirely unassisted, one was malpositioned (feet were over his beak so he couldn't push out) and needed just a little bit of assistance, and this one isn't hatching at all. I noticed last night that all of the others had popped but this one hadn't, and it had stopped moving for a while. No amount of tapping got a reaction, and I realized it hadn't even pipped, so I thought it had passed away. I opened it a bit and got to the air cell and saw no movement still, so I opened the membrane a bit, and still nothing. I wiggled it's beak and after a few seconds of that, I got the slightest bit of movement. I think it may have been suffocating. It started bleeding a bit so I dabbed it with a paper towel and put it back. The other ducklings pecked at it and it bled more, so I put them in the brooder and left this one alone. It isn't absorbing *any* of its blood. I've never had this happen before. It's more active but no veins are receding at all. The membrane got stuck so I separated it a little bit and used vaseline to keep it sperated, which caused a bit more bleeding. It started foaming at the mouth too, which I saw can be a sign of improper yolk absorption so I'm super worried. Any advice is helpful

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