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11 Years
Feb 18, 2008
Portersville, PA
I bought 4 baby ducks last weekend. 2 are for my niece for Easter (don't freak out- we asked the parents who were going to get ducks anyway if we could pick them already made her a duck house) and 2 are for ME for Easter (they were cute at TSC and I already have 10 growing chickens)

Fast forward to now- baby ducks are ALL panting. Their brooder is NOT too hot. It was 85....I took it down to 75...still panting. I turned it off for a while since they are inside and it is 72 in my house. Why are they panting!! They aren't really huddled together but they do all sleep together. They "appear" healthy other than the panting. They have plenty of water and duck starter (non-medicated). I do "hold" them but haven't much since this started since I think it is a sign of stress. They are messy and we have been changing to dry bedding (HAY) every day. I have never owned ducks....I just love my 5 week old chickens so much I expanded to ducks-only internet resources aren't as good. I just ordered a duck book.

Looking for something I might have overlooked.

Thanks and I will post pics tonight hopefully!!

Try letting them go for a swim in some nice warm water. We usually shred some greens up really fine and throw them in. They learn to dive! make sure you have a warm dry place for the when you take them out.
We had swum last night and the night before for about 10-15 minutes. I knew they could get "too" wet and I didn't know how wet that is. Should I let them in the water longer?? I was worried the water might have been what stressed them. It was warm water in my living room in a little rubbermaid container.

Sigh- I just want them to NOT be sick!
Aw, I hope they're okay. I'm getting ducks for Easter too, for myself.
Just so all you know, ducks need to be able to get their heads under water. Those mason jar waters are not deep enough. Your ducklings run a risk of choking on their food. An make sure they always have water, they will make their pen very messy, but they can't last long with no water if they are eating. Another thing you can do is wet their food so its easier to swallow.
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