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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by JoyfulChaosMama, Mar 8, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2011
    We have two ducklings from TSC - they are just over a week old. Both have been lively and happy until this morning. Jemima is suddenly listless, she is very quiet, not standing, breathing a bit heavy, she has a little reddish ring around one eye and her bill has a bluish tinge to it. :( Someone left the cat in last night and I'm worried that the cat got to her, because it's so sudden. Any thoughts? What should we do?
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    Do you see any injuries? I think if the cat got ahold of her she would be dead, what bedding are you using? and are you using a heat lamp? what are you feeding them? could be a respitory illness but not being able to see her it's not easy to say, does she have water deep enough to wash out her eyes and her nose, in other words can see dunk her head? you might try lrtting her swim in some warm water and see how she responds, you don't want her to chill though so make sure to towel her off after.
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    What color is her bill normally? Can you take a picture and upload it?

    Is she eating and drinking?

    She may have been injured. Or she may have a respiratory infection. In either case, she may need some antibiotics. Do you have a vet who can help you?

    In the meantime, it might help to give her vitamins/probiotics/electrolytes. And be sure she's in a safe secure place.

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