Duckling with mismatched legs


11 Years
Apr 10, 2012
I have a duckling that has been having trouble walking and I was thinking spraddle leg. Okay, hoping that anyway.
Brought this little guy inside to recover from trampling.
When I went to hobble him, though, I noticed that his legs looked very different from each other, but I'm not sure which is even normal. Is one of them swollen? Or is the other one stunted or atrophied?
And is there anything to be done for it?


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I can flatten the feet out, but the duckling doesnt spread out either one voluntarily.
I'm not sure which leg you're talking about when you say "the one". Do you think the bad leg is the scrawny one or the thick one? Should I make shoes for both?
I've been putting nutri-drench in its water. Niacin is on the ingredient list, but doesn't say how much. Leg issues weren't on my radar yesterday. Wasn't sure it would even make it long enough to worry about that!
I do have the b-complex and put a little bit in the water now, but I don't remember how much to use.
Any clue where I could find a video of someone putting orthotics on their duckling? This is so ridiculously tiny.
Splint lasted 10 seconds. Maybe.
Since the leg is swollen, you may want to check if it has a slipped tendon. Slipped tendon will cause the leg to swell. Usually the hold the leg up a bit. But you will fell the tendon on one side or the other of the hock joint if it is a slipped tendon. It may not be a slipped tendon, but that is one injury that has to be corrected immediately if it is. So it is good to just make sure.

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