Duckling with Neuro problems

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DaniD26, May 3, 2016.

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    May 1, 2016
    So we got four ducklings from our local Country Max on Friday. I left for work on Saturday afternoon all were fine fresh water food and bedding. I got home and checked on them because I've read that they need fresh water multiple times a day. I noticed one of them was not using him right leg I checked it for a break didn't see one but they're so small I wasn't sure. It was after 11 pm so I called my sister we decided to wait til the morning as it was still eating, drinking , and getting around ok. The other ones weren't bullying him. On Sunday we decided to take the limping duckling out of the main cage we out him in a different cage with a stuffed animal and his own food and water. At this point he isn't using either of his legs but he still has feeling in them bc when I touch them he can move them. And he scooches around but not using his legs. We made a vet appointment for today and the vet said I was right they aren't broken he has a neurological problem, but does not go in to detail about how it is caused. He said he most likely will die bc it has effected both sides in such a short time, Unfortunately he was right he passed tonight. However it gets more complicated! While my husband was upstairs he checked on the others they were running around and all of a sudden the other Rouen duck stopped seized and died! What is going on! That one had shown no signs of anything wrong with it. We now have 2 runners that came from the same place as those two are those ones at risk? I cleaned everything in the cage before I put the other 2 back in the cage. someone told me the heat light could of fried their brain is that true?! How do I know if its to hot and my husband was in the middle of changing the water when the one died could it of choked? I'm desperate for some answers.What causes neuro problems? Can anyone out there help me please?? I need some peace of mind that I'm not a baby duck killer! :(
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    Please read the sticky on Raising Ducklings. It details things like proper temperature.

    Ducklings with neurological problems often are lacking B vitamins, especially niacin. Here is my writeup on that:

    People often get confused about what to use, so please stick with me here [​IMG].

    You have some options.

    I would go with brewer's yeast. Forgive me for using capital letters, but for anyone else who may casually look over this thread, NOT baking yeast, NOT winemaking yeast. Brewer's yeast is a nutritional supplement and it provides niacin and a few other vitamins.

    Generally, folks who supplement with brewer’s yeast use a tablespoon per cup of food.

    Ducklings need about three times the niacin chicks do. And some ducklings get leg problems or seizures if they don't have enough niacin.

    If you cannot find the brewer's yeast, or if you happen to have (here come the capital letters again, please forgive me) PLAIN niacin - NOT no-flush, NOT timed release, then dissolve 150 mg niacin per gallon of water for the duckling’s drinking water.

    Another approach is to use B Complex capsules, and use the B3 - niacin - levels as a guide. Again, 150 mg B3 per gallon of drinking water.

    Keep the little one on the supplements for about 8 weeks.

    Sometimes it only takes a few days to see improvement.

    You can also see how it went for Qwackers and Bentley from these threads.
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    Where can I get brewers yeast? And I'm pretty sure niacin can be bought at like a drugstore? What I don't understand is how it just went from being totally fine to dead. I mean with the one I had some time to come to terms with it. The other one just literally dropped dead!? Is this normal?

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