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    Mar 17, 2016
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    Hello seeking advice on my four week old duckling

    My duckling seem health poopy and eatting regularly. I clean their cage twice a day and clean water freaklny. They also get a "bath" once a day. My question is the last few days they have a oder to them. Smells like wet feed. Is this normal. I make sure they and thier pen are clean .
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    What type of bedding are you using? How many ducklings in what size area?
    Ducklings can be stinky it just goes with the species I really don't know what could be making them smell like wet feed unless they are laying in it But it sounds like you are keeping their space clean.
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    You may need to track the odor with your nose, with the ducklings out of the brooder. My ducklings always smelled nice and fresh right after bath time.

    What kind of feed are they getting?

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