10 Years
Jun 12, 2009
I am looking for a duckling to raise as a pet. I'm near Charleston, SC. I want a basic white farm duck. Thanks.
I searched craigslist for you and there are pekins and crested pekins in elizabethtown north carolina. Here is there number 910 862 2737
Ducks are pretty social animals. I'd suggest you get 2.
Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for what happens after your first 2 ducks.
Disclosure: I started with 2 last August. Now I have 11 including 3 hatchlings.

Shhhh! Granny! You weren't supposed to tell about the addiction part. It's a secret. First rule of duck club...don't talk about duck club

you guys are soo funny! i know metzer farms still has some and you can order as little as 2. so that could be your excuse for getting 2 or maybe 3or 4 so everyone has a buddy
husha no one warned me of the addiciton and I REFUSE to warn anyone else...I have 11 thinking I would keep just a trio of each breed (6 total) and now I am looking for another coop to house the at least three bachelor drakes I will have extra because I am keeping them all dang it.

Get duckies get duckies.
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I got my 2 female Pekins yesterday which brings me up to 8. I'm catching up to y'all! LOL

I only have Pekins and white Calls.

Now I have to start branching out to others.


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