Ducklings, 2 wks- first play in pond pics/vid + a question


6 Years
Mar 19, 2013
Hi guys, just thought I'd share a couple of pics from our playtime this evening. The ducklings are about 2.5 weeks old now and still doing great. I took them out for their walk this afternoon and decided to let them play at the edge of the pond. They LOOOVED it, of course. Here's a short (<1min) video of the fun..

ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH MALLARDS?? Have you seen this white dot on back of the neck? Only two of mine have it and have only developed it in the past two days. My last babies didn't have this. At first I thought it was something wrong but now I can tell it's just a new spot. You can see it on the duckling with his back to the camera right when the video begins. Just wondering if it might mean those are mixed? No idea. Just curious

And I thought this was a neat shot, with the water flying and the Pekin gang moving in for a closer look:

And one more, one of my sweet Pekin boys scoping out the babies a little more closely

I don't know, the last ones all looked identical until they "molted out".. It may be nothing, just don't remember it.

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I have Rouens and I thought they all looked similar until 4-6 weeks as well but honestly I cant remember exactly that was all that I could think it a possible reason.
Thanks Miss Lydia! I know it!! And I love my Pekins too. I just can't wait to see my Pekin babies in another 2 weeks! :D

Baylor- yeah, it's just hard to tell. Of course, one of my babies last year ("Dottie") had more spots than the others and turned out the same as all the others. Just never seen one on the neck like that.
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