Ducklings and chicks will not get along


May 7, 2015
My ducklings are two weeks old and we just got two chicks that are about four days old we put them together and the ducklings freaked the chicks were fine I don't know what to do they will be living in the same coop will the get along when they are older or will I have to keep the separated for the whole time I just need help.

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First your ducklings are older & Bigger than the chicks, so it is not a good fit. Generally older birds bully the younger ones. Second ducks like to be wet and splash and make a mess out of water dishes etc. Chicks can get chilled if wet and cold, they don't have waterproof feathers. They will probably do much better raised separately, later free ranging they probably will cover different ground and be able to get along.

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