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Ducklings first swim! And a small question.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by shaylabailey, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. shaylabailey

    shaylabailey In the Brooder

    Jun 2, 2011
    Rhode Island
    I've been working on building the outside pen for the past couple of days for my ducks and today I'm going to be working on a gate and putting up the fencing around the base.
    There's a small grass area with a base around it that we used for our chickens which we reattached to the coop for the ducks, but we are extending it with a gat and making a pond in a naturally wet little area.
    While my dad was nailing some more things in I took out the black swedish, named Hagrid for his largeness lol, and my male runner who is nameless at the moment although I've been contemplating Cedric. It doesn't seem to fit.
    I first took out Hagrid who sat in the grass staring at me and peeping while the others peeped away inside. Then we put the runner out and he just ran right to Hagrid and they both sat there clueless. So when we moved them to the marshy area they tentatively tiptoed in it and then just started dunking their heads in splashing around, and eating bugs and grass like no tomorrow. It went from, why am I standing in water? to OMG I LOVE THIS. [​IMG]
    I can't wait to get the pond up and running for all of them to enjoy. When they got back in they had to tell the others alllll about it haha. [​IMG]

    And now for my question;
    I plan on hatching some of their eggs when they start to lay fertilized eggs for myself in the incubator and raise them in my home until old enough to go outside unlike my current 6 who I got a little late and are still very wary around me. I was wondering if the eggs I hatch become attached and friendly with me, and I put them in with the other 6, will they follow the others and not trust me anymore?

  2. MommaOrp

    MommaOrp Chirping

    Jun 6, 2011
    Derbyshire, England
    More than likely, but it is better for them to be with their own guys besides they will still have a special bond with you and will probably tamer than the others. I did it the other way round to you. I hatched my own and they were real close to me but a rat got in the brooder at 2 weeks and killed all except one, a friend bought me 3 more that were 2 weeks and these 3 aren't as friendly with me as my remaining one but even he doesn't want much to do with me anymore!

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