Ducklings....Just did more med. feed ?!!


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Sep 14, 2007
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I thought I looked awhile back and some said that feeding medicated chick starter for ducks was ok . Now I looked at another site that "froggie" put up and it sais NOOO ! I've had them on it for 3 days , and am going to get something different . I've had ducks before and fed them med. feed and they were ok (just not ok with the ex's friends dog that ripped them open ) I shouldn't have to worry too much about them now if I change feed , right ? I have them in with 4 red cornish that we got half price at the feed store . They won't be bothered too much by the feed change will they . We plan on butchering them when appropriate . My ducklings seem to be "eating " the shavings also , Should I change over to straw ? Any help would be great !
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Never raised ducks, but I hear they can OD on medicated chick feed because there is too much amprol in it for them. Granted, since it's a thiamine blocker, my guess is that it will inhibit the growth of your ducklings as it it will cause them to have a harder time in adsorbing thiamine which the added amount in chick feed wont be able to make up for. Changing feed should be fine and I doubt much damage is done since it's only been 3 days.
Thank you ! How come you're always staying up as late as I am and giving me advice ! Not trying to push my luck , but do you think the red cornish will be ok with the food change ? Thanks again !
I hear it is best to raise ducks/turkeys/chickens separate as they all take a different type of feed balance. I'd keep the chickens on the medicated feed. Don't forget to have a "tub" deep enough for the ducks to get their heads under the water to clear their nares.
Yes baby ducks like to gorge on their food and can overdose on the meds. They will eat some shaving, some people remove them and put them on paper, I used paper towel, its no as slippery. They will learn to eat their food soon, they just like to tase everything.

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