Ducklings swim on their own??


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
When can duckling start swimming on their own? Like in the actual pond or pool outside, not in a supervised water bowl. I don't have my ducks yet so I am trying to soak up all the information I can before I get them. Thank for any info.
They can not swim without being taught and you will have to get into the pool with them and teach them how. Oh and you have to have someone take pictures when you do this and post them on BYC or they will never be able to swim. Honest!
Lol, I'll be the party pooper =p Ducklings swim without being taught, they are attracted to water like no one's business. When they first start swimming though, it has to be in shallow water, and they have to be supervised or they could drown.
I waited until mine were fully feathered to swim without supervision. I worried that they would get cold or waterlogged. They can get tired out and need to be able to get out of the water easily. One of mine wasn't particularly smart and would have a hard time finding her way out of water.
SO they will just catch on to it? And I can increase the water available to them as they do? Or are you SURE i don't have to teach them? I might be able to flap my arms and pretend to float.
Think they might catch on???
some people let them swim right away and have no problems....but others have had them drown because their oil gland isnt developed yet.(or they dont know HOW to spread their oil on their feathers yet...).if they dont have the oil spread on their feathers its not good for them...
but again..some people let them swim right away... i dont, i wait until they are a couple of weeks old and they are starting to spread the oil around on their feathers themselves..

now..if they were wild with mom.... they could swim right away..because she spreads her oil (from her gland) on them and makes them water safe...
but babies with no mom should wait to swim.... IMO..
I'm no expert though... so.. listen to the others..
they can swim as soon as they dry out from the eggs.....1st day.......just make sure they can get to heat after their swim..

Ready want to see a show , put duck eggs under a chicken broody... mommy will go nutts when they go in the water.....
although... if the water is VERY a couple inches ONLY... it may be okay... because they cant really drown in that small amount of water..
another thing to consider is.. ducklings chill easily like baby chicks... so getting them wet isnt the best for them...

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