Ducks and Chickens... how can I feed them both their appropriate food?

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    I have one 5-week old mallard and three 10-week old chicken hens. I am in the process of building them a large coop with a run and will be putting their food inside. They will be free range during the day but if they need food I would like them to know that their food is in their run, not in our patio. They will be staying together, is their an all purpose chicken/duck feed I can give them as not to make one sick or malnutritioned?

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    Don't know about a dual feeder for them, never heard of one. All I know is that my grandfather had both and they use to free range all the time. They did not share a dwellings and would go back to their seperate runs to eat.
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    Quote:the grow out feed for the chickens would be great but Im not sure of protein content...The ducks will develop angel wing with a feed that is high in protein...I switched my ducks to the layer pellets that all my other chickens eat when they were 3-4 months old with tons of greens and such. When your chickens are old enough and they are switched over to layer you should be able to keep both types of birds on them:) Its been 4 years for me and all birds are doing great!
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