Ducks and chickens in NH


Oct 28, 2012
New Hampshire
Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to chatting with fellow chicken and duck lovers! I'm sure I'll be posting questions, and maybe answers too. We've had chickens in the past, and this time, we are adding ducks to the mix. We do have some experience with ducks--we raised wild Mallard ducklings this Summer, that are now back in the great outdoors--but there are still many unknowns with domestic ducks.

We decided to start with our ducks right away and chickens in the Spring. We have 2 Welsh Harlequins who are five weeks old, plus 2 Runners and 1 Khaki Campbell who are two weeks old. The Welsh Harlequins are male and female, so we're looking forward to baby ducklings in the Spring, as well as eggs to eat.

Talk to you all soon.
Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me to the "flock"!
It's nice to have a place to chat with other duck-lovers.

To be honest, it never even occurred to me to have domestic ducks as egg-layers until this past summer. I'm glad that the Mallards came into our lives and broke us in for duck-raising. I love all birds, but have always had a soft spot for ducks (is it the bill? the waddle? the webbed feet?) and am so happy that they are now a part of our household. Our two Welshies share my ironic...definitely one of the best birthday presents ever.

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