ducks and chickens not laying AT ALL


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Mar 31, 2012
i have 2 light sussex chickens and one indian runner duck that were all laying fine however they have not layed a single egg for at least four months?????? there is also a muscovy, three cayuga(female are not old enough yet.) (and a maran(not old enough)
however they all do have a BIG SPACE any ideas?????

There are many possible reasons. Could you share a few more details?

Water source
Housing - bedding
Hemisphere you live in
Vegetation or cover in their pen / foraging area
Other animals around
Rural, suburban?
Recent changes - move, additional animals, predator attack. illness, treatment for illness or injury . . . . .
Well i have had them about a year and they wewre all laying fine im in united kingdom they stopped before summer and still continue not to lay they have a barn for shelter which has nesting areas with wood chippings however the ducks used to just lay outsiede they are feed layers with veggies etc when available and have bucket of water and bath to wash in when pen is not COVERED in mud
Any free choice oyster shell? I have found ducks to be different from one another with their nutritional needs. That makes it tricky sometimes.

Anyway, extra calcium may help.

Here are some other things that can affect laying.

Vitamin D3
Phosphorus to Calcium ratio
Overbreeding (drakes too rough)
Toxins in the environment, including their water
Parasite load

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