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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Brandi Leigh, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I would like to raise some ducks with our chickens but it seems like everyone has different opinions about raising them together. Do they not get along well? Also what breed of duck would you suggest that is a dual purpose breed and is cold hardy?

  2. I have no problems with them together currently just have the lone drake and heeven guards the chickens while they lay lol I will say that ducks are horrible messy so I NEVER put any water in the coop itself always outside. He has tried to mount my hens a few times but since my hens are large it hasnt caused any problems just a few sqwaks and angry looks haha He is a Cayuga so medium sized. I can see having issues if you had say silkies and muscovies together.
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    I have a Pekin and mixed chicken together. They love each other. They are two hens so there aren't any sexy problems.
    For sure be ready for messy water spills. Ducks love to play in the water.
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    I have an aylesbury with my 5 mixed hens yes duck is messy so same as everyone I have no water or food in the coop. I wanted to ask a question about my duck. She is 18 months old, I got her off a friend because she hadnt laid for 6 months. Well 2 days ago she laid but not had one since was hoping for one everyday. Should I just be patient.
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    It depends on the birds. Some get along, some don't. I have ducks and chickens, they were together at first but now they have seperate coops only because I wanted more space for the ducks. The ducks will grab the chickens tail feathers if they are doing, well just about anything. I wouldn't say they get along but they don't fight. They were not raised together, the ducks were first and were 3 months old then the chickens came in a few weeks later at 4 months old.

    The biggest concerns with having them together are mess and breeding.
    Ducks can be messy. Once they are a little older, you don't need to keep food and water in the coop so that helps or if you have a platform for the waterer that doesn't allow the excess splashing to go everywhere.
    Drakes may try to breed chickens. This is dangerous or deadly for the chicken because they are not anatomically compatible, roosters don't have a penis, drakes have at least a 1.5" penis. If you have only drakes or if you don't have enough ducks for him, this may be a problem. Many people are not concerned about it but I had a hen that was once bred by a drake and she looked miserable for days to the point I thought I would have to put her down.
    Another thing to consider ducks don't roost, except muscovy. So if housed together, they need a spot to sleep that is not under the chickens.

    I would research the breeds. There are a number of good dual purpose breeds so you will need to decide on other attributes. Think about the number of eggs you want, how big of a finished bird, mothering ability, looks etc. Metzer Farms has a basic chart, though they don't carry every breed.

    I'd be patient but if she is 18 months and hadn't lain for so long, there could just be a problem with her. At this time of year, assuming you are in the US, laying can be sporadic or stop all together. Make sure she is on a good, complete diet and that she is getting enough calcium, either a layer pellet or an available supplement. Also, ducks are notorious for hiding nests so look around.
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