Ducks and rain.............


14 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
The really good thing about Ducks and rain is........when you go to let them out during our 4-5 inches we got today and see that their aviary is half flooded, you think.........WOW....this weather is for the Ducks
Only the duck and goose nests in the rubbermaid bins were dry......Water had diverted because of some hay on the ground and the water was diverting into the duck pen from around the barn swale drain...I do need to get the drag on my tractor and make the swale a little longer around the barn I have some lower lying land that has a dry creek (well not today !) and thought about a pond, but we drain a 400 foot ridge behind our house on one side and about a hundred foot hill on the other. On days like this I think, no pond as they would get washed away,the creeks (2) are two feet deep and flowing fast and the pastures have flowing water in some areas!( I did put the house, cottage, barn, aviary and arena on the one hill we have

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