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Shortly, our situation is:

Adult Rouen pair. Juvenile Rouen pair. Indian Runner Duck (new addition).

We pen the ducks each night. In the morning the Runner has left an egg in the pen. As soon as everyone is released, about 6:30 am, the Rouen Duck heads for her favorite tree and lays an egg at the base which I pick up between 8 & 9.

Today there was a 3' (at least) snake in the nest which had eaten the duck egg and one of the fake eggs (plastic Easter egg) we kept in there. Well, I don't like snakes. It died! We live in South Texas so snakes are a way of life. Poisonous snakes die as do any that scare or startle me! I apologize to any snake lovers!

So, my questions are, if we provide nesting boxes in the pen, should they be open or more enclosed? Will the Rouen just hold out until we give in and release them? Can we let the other three out and leave just the ducks in or would this be too stressful?

Any advise is greatly appreciated!
i pen my ducks up at night and in the morning when i let them out if my hen didnt lay she just hangs out in the pen until she lays it then joins the rest of the flock.
if your ducks like nesting boxes then she will prob. just hang until she lays
It may take a few days of keeping them penned until she lays...then they should get the idea and do fine.

PS snake would have died anyway because it cannot digest the plastic/fake killing it was an act of mercy.
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