ducks & geese

i think when most birds are ready to sit they SIT. my goose has sat on both her eggs and chicken eggs. is she pushing the duck mama off or is the duck not interested in setting herself?
there are 2 ducks sitting on a nest that has 22 eggs. i watched the geese(males) and they are just running the mommys off the nest. can i move the ducks nest?
I really can't offer any advice. Except watch your geese. We had to separate our ducks from the geese once they became older. The gander was trying to hurt the ducks. At the time we only had two ducks and 7 geese but fthe ducks were both female and had been raised from the brooder with the geese. What are the female geese doing. Our girls started laying eggs a few weeks ago and the gander went nuts He attacked anything that came within a few feet of her nest. Maybe yours has that spring mating hormone level too.

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I am sure that I have 4 female geese, but none are laying so far. They are about the same age as the ducks. Thanks ya'll for the help.

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