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Jul 18, 2013
I have been reading old threads that the search dug up for me, and now I have even more questions than I started with. I was looking up grit and oyster shell, and I *think* I have some idea what I'm doing. Duckie wanders the gravel driveway and picks up little bits here and there, so I assume I shouldn't NEED to buy grit specifically. But I wonder, what happens to the pebbles they pick up? Do they eliminate some? cause she picks them up every day. Reading old threads made me wonder how often they have to pick up more pebbles. When the weather is crappy, she stays in her house, eating just her feed, so I guess she wouldn't need more grit until she got out to forage on the grass and stuff?

And, for calcium. I have been offering oyster shell since she was 9 months old. IDK I thought maybe she wasnt laying cause she needed more calcium. She munches it down way more now than she did then, I see her eat it every day, but she doesnt empty the bowl or anything and she does eat the layer feed just fine. Do others notice their ducks eating the oyster shell every single day?

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May 24, 2011
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I always keep free choice oyster shell and grit out for my ducks and they free range, while i am sure they find most of the grit cannot hurt to add extra.

As for always eating the oyster shell? no, i have many female ducks and it doesn't go down super quickly. If ducky is only getting staple feed indoors, grit won't be needed it's when they get foods beyond that they will.
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