Ducks paying their own way


9 Years
Aug 11, 2010
Waterloo, South Carolina
At last...something on my mini farm thats paying their own way. Ive sold 2 dozen duck eggs last week and Im now on the way to the Jockey Lot to sell 2 1/2 dozen along with other items. Do you think it will take me long to make a I feel like a Millionaire......YES

Im so proud of my ducks. x
Well what can I say.
I took a load of clothes, halters, boots, t shirts, jackets to start me off on my duck feed slush fund. Also took 2 1/2 dozen eggs to sell.
I DIDNT SELL 1 EGG!!!!!!!!!!!
When people asked if I RAISED them chicken eggs, I said Yes Sir, I sure did, but they are duck eggs. He replied the same as everyone else....
I dont know nothing about no duck eggs.
I was there for 6 hours, never sold an egg, I even told someone to take half a dozen to try for FREE...NOPE...couldnt GIVE THEM AWAY.
In the end some old lady was looking for pots for the church soup kitchen, so I said, here take these eggs. She said thank you and I didnt tell her they were duck eggs
I might of had the same reply of I dont know nothing about no duck eggs.
I wont give up tho, ill be back next week with my DUCK EGGS even if I have to give them away. But the good news is, I made $30 on selling other stuff.
I would have taken your duck eggs if they were free or reasonably priced. But, then again, I visit this forum a lot and know what to do with them.
Try taking some baked goods made with duck eggs for people to try???? so they can see the difference that duck eggs make , over chicken eggs for baking.
Yea I made more money from duckling's, Egg's and hatching egg's in the last 2 summer's than chicken.Turkey and guinea sell well too.I had a couple buyer's local that bought my duck egg's for cake's a couple of season's sooo.Pekin's seem to to lay the largest eating egg's I have found so far and they are great duck's too.
Glad to hear it! We sell enough duck eggs, generally speaking, to pay for the feed for all our feathered friends (ducks and chickens). Sometimes they even cover the rabbit food, too. Chicken eggs tend to cycle here, I sell a few dozen a week, but the bakers kick into gear and buy out all my duck eggs at least once a month.

If you ever need to sell duck eggs, make quiche and bring enough to share. Once they taste that wonderful duck egg quiche, you will sell out in seconds!

How does that compare to the chickens? Well, I sold about $500 worth of hens (birds) this summer but only made about $200 selling ducklings (so far)!

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