Ducks started laying, then stopped

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    Nov 4, 2014
    I have a Welsh Harlequin and a Khaki Campbell that I raised from ducklings way back in early May, and we had our first eggs this week after six long months (it was one a day; I don't know which duck laid them.) Today we check and no egg! Is there a reason they could all of a sudden stop? We have waited so long for them to lay and we got these breeds because they were supposed to be great layers, but after the fact someone told us that ducks born that late in spring may not lay till the following year. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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    I don't have either of your breeds Ihave Muscovy which are seasonal layers but what your seeing is typical of new eggs layers, they are working out the kinks so not to worry.As far as if they will lay all winter that will have to be for someone who has the breed but I understand they are both great layers and if they have started to lay they just give you eggs all winter. I have some chickens that lay through the winter months but not every day. My Scovy's are through for the year. also when daylight gets shorter it does affect egg laying. Most would not recommend supplemental lighting for ducks though, I don't even rec for other egg layers. They all need the break of winter.
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