Ducks vs turkey vultures??


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Apr 13, 2014
So I just picked up 5 ducklings today. 4 Cayugas and 1 pekin. I have 20-25 turkey vultures that nest in the trees in my back yard. I Know hey are supposed to only eat dead animals but I was just wondering if anyone has had any issues with them before. Thanks!
Yup, it's been a hard winter for all the animals. They can if hungry enough snatch one up. I suggest having a roof on your pen for the next month or two or putting some sort of netting over them. Deer netting is a favorite of mine. You can't see it unless you are really close even though it comes in black only, it is easy to set up, it is strong, and it is cheap.
we used to have them every where by the chicken run but i dont remember if they killed any or not
The larger the breed, the longer before eggs. My first runner started laying at 16 weeks, four days, and the rest started within several weeks afterward. I would think a Pekin would be more like 20 weeks.

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