Are they safe from predators and cold?

Can you give us background? New ducks? New coop? Did they recently have trauma?

Generally, putting treats in the coop, and getting behind them (sometimes with a stick to make your arms look longer - not for hitting) and walking them in works.
They have been going in fine until 5 days ago wouldn't come out. I've actually caught them now and they're in safe gonna keep them in house with a run until they feel safe again

Please take a look around. They can know there is danger before we realize what's going on. Sometimes borrowing a game camera reveals some real surprises snooping around the coop at night.
just a heads up the run is gonna get so muddy

so glad that you caught them and they are safe now
The food and drink is in the new run but they won't come out their house should I just leave and wait or put it in house

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