Ducky 13's Chat Thread (Anyone Welcome)

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  1. Welcome to my chat thread

    Here are a few rules

    • Please no Swearing
    • You may advertise
    • Be nice to each other
    • Be appropriate

    Hope you have fun
    (This is my first chat thread so... its probably not the best)
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  2. Welcome to everyone who decides to join
  3. My name is Anna
    I am in fact female
    My favorite color is Black
    I own(Or did own): 8 ducks 10 chickens 2 Tom Turkeys 7 rabbits and 1 ferret
    I have a bit of experience with hatching ducks and chicks
    I also have experience with breeding rabbits
    I live in NY
    If you have any questions please pm me
  4. Hey ducky!!! im glad you decided to make a chat thread!!!
  5. Wow I'm surprised usually I have to pm people to get them to join
    Thanks for joining
  6. No problem!!! Whattya wanna chat about? try to draw some people in maybe? [​IMG]
  7. Hmmm... :/
    I don't know well how many chickens or animals at all do you own
  8. i have-

    -1 chicken
    -6 peafowl
    -2 turkeys
    --2 dogs
    -20 goldfish in a pond
  9. TamingMaster

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    Jul 26, 2014
    Hello, I've found your thread.....
  10. yes!!


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